Goal: The Dutch Relief Alliance is offering emergency aid to the people of Cabo Delgado, such as clean drinking water, shelter, and protection services.
Lead Organisation: Plan International
Organisations: Oxfam Novib, SOS Kinderdorpen, Cordaid, Tearfund, CARE
Duration: May 14, 2021 –
November 13, 2021
There is an urgent need of aid in Cabo Delgado, a northern province in Mozambique. The existing conflict has escalated with armed groups carrying out brutal attacks, and hundreds of thousands of people have fled, losing their homes and possessions in the process. Additionally, tropical storms have severely impacted the region. At least 1.3 million people are in urgent need of help. The Dutch Relief Alliance is offering emergency aid, which consists of offering basic necessities such as clean drinking water, shelter, and protection services for children.

Type of response:

The aid organizations are working together to deliver life-saving aid and essential services. The organizations each bring their own expertise to the table and Plan International is coordinating the emergency aid. This consists of:

  • Food security and livelihoods: Delivery of vegetable seeds, hoes, and food packages, amongst others, to ensure that people are able to meet their basic food needs. We also make sure people are provided with the resources needed to protect and start rebuilding their livelihoods, such as monthly cash assistance and food vouchers.
  • Shelter and non-food items: Aid with safe shelters and non-food items. Distribution of survival and family kits to internally displaced people. These kits contain the necessities for shelter including bedding equipment, kitchen utensils, and clothing.
  • Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH): Ensuring access to safe and sufficient drinking water, improved sanitation facilities, and the promotion of hygiene by, for example, distributing soap.
  • Protection and Information: Refugees are informed of other available services in the area that they are in, including education, food, and family reunification services. We make sure that children who have been separated from their family are either reunited or are given alternative care, and that they are given the support that they need. We also provide information about the prevention of and response to sexual and gender-based violence in emergencies.


Contact lead organisation Plan International
Teresa Ibrahim
T: +31 – 20 – 549 55 20