An overview of the latest news, stories and events of the Dutch Relief Alliance and the Joint Responses.

One Year On: Support from the Joint Response in the Gaza Strip

Responding to the most urgent needs in Central African Republic

Acute humanitarian support for victims of violence in Ukraine

DRA External Evaluation – online survey launches today for DRA members

Localisation in Practice: Three examples of the Dutch Relief Alliance’s collective localisation efforts

The DRA external evaluation (2018-2021) is underway!

Ode to a piece of hardware: the water pump

3 miljoen euro voor noodhulp aan hongerend Madagaskar

B-READY Activated in The Philippines

Making humanitarian cash programming easier, safer and faster through the 121 Platform

Internship Dutch Relief Alliance – Start February 2022

VACANCY: Evaluator(s) for external evaluation DRA strategic period 2018-2021

Online magazine: Ethiopië, een land getroffen door voortdurende crises

Hulporganisaties hervatten hulpverlening in Tigray

Overview 2020: Responding to Humanitarian Crises and the COVID-19 Pandemic


DRA Publishes Strategy 2022-2026

New DRA report: “Working on the Grand Bargain commitments”

Nederlandse hulporganisaties slaan alarm over grootste hongersnood Zuid-Soedan in jaren

Blog by Humanitarian Worker in Sudan: Supporting Ethiopian Refugees

Restoring Damaged Housed and Rebuilding Businesses in Beirut

Beirut residents traumatised and financially affected by the explosion

Dutch Aid Organisations Combat Covid-19 Worldwide

3 Months After the Beirut Explosion: There Is Still a Lot of Work to Be Done

Saving lives and reducing conflict in the Sahel region

Life-saving assistance in drought-affected Zambia and Zimbabwe

Video: People in the Field Show Damage by Desert Locusts

Desert Locusts Continue to Threaten Food Security in Ethiopia

Movie: Collaborative Impact of the Dutch Relief Alliance

Joint INGO Statement on Yemen – 75th session of the UN General Assembly

Somalia: Delivering Aid During COVID-19

Delivering Life-Saving and Early Recovery Assistance in Afghanistan

UN Security Council to Further Restrict Humanitarian Access to Northwest Syria

Video Showing Joint Response Nigeria

Prevent Disaster for People in Humanitarian Crises in Times of COVID-19

Nederland breidt noodhulp aan Syrië uit

Personal Stories from South Sudan

Long Read CAR: “It’s a bit like my parents are here again”

Dutch law against terrorism threatens quick relief response

Meer samenwerken in noodhulp? Het gebeurt al.

Noodhulp wordt effectiever door bescheidener te zijn

DRA Learning Days

During the first week of July, 2019, the DRA Community experienced a few valuable learning days. Field coordinators, Dutch coordinators and Working group members participated, amongst others. Please watch our videos about collaboration and about localisation to see what this is all about.

Dutch aid organisations offer new emergency aid to Syria

Three million civilians live under constant threat due to rising violence in Idlib and Aleppo

DRA Innovation Fund – Proposal Reviewed by External Committee

The DRA Innovation Fund (DIF) had an exciting milestone in the last week of June! The 16 submitted Concept Notes under the current Innovation Call, were pitched to an external Review Committee – after which a review took place that selected 8 of the 16 concept notes for the full proposal phase later this summer. All concept notes touch upon challenges in the humanitarian sector on the topic of ‘Safety & Protection’. This video is a recap of the review days. Want to know more? Watch also our previous two videos in the DIF Call process.

DRA Innovation Fund (DIF) Call 2019 on ‘Safety & Protection’

The DRA Innovation Working Group is inviting all interesting partners (other humanitarian organisations, corporates, social enterprises, governments, universities, knowledge institutions etc.) to reach out to DRA organisations when there is a connection to one of the published challenges.

How can we better facilitate communities to drive the design and implementation of the responses to their safety and protection challenges?

The Dutch Relief Alliance partners are looking for innovative ways in which affected communities can be more in the lead of the humanitarian aid offered by organisations. They are looking for solutions that enable two-way communication, accountability mechanisms and human centred design solutions.

How can we increase the mental health & psychological well being of people affected by humanitarian settings?

Mental health and psychological well being are increasingly important themes in providing humanitarian aid. The Dutch Relief Alliance is keen to search for innovative solutions around this topic which will enable humanitarian organisations to offer more effective help to people affected.

How to improve approaches to addressing social/gender norms (harmful) & power structures in humanitarian settings

The Dutch Relief Alliance aims to encapsulate the centrality of gender norms and their relative disruptive power. Unlike the development sector, the humanitarian sector is seemingly not focusing on this issue enough as a stand-alone focus for a project. Understanding the perspective and needs of women and children in emergencies is key to sustainability moving forward. The Dutch Relief Alliance Partners are looking for innovative approaches to address this opportunity.

How can we tackle barriers that exist to access services related to safety and protection for the most vulnerable people in need of these services

This problem statement is rooted in tackling the issue of projects being implemented without reaching an impact due to existing barriers. Without increasing knowledge on barriers for accessing vulnerable people, the needs of these people will not adequately be met. These challenges are therefore particularly relevant for reaching refugees & IDP’s, alongside issues concerning gender and other vulnerabilities created by conflict.

Dutch Relief Alliance Kickoff The Call

In March, the Dutch Relief Alliance and DCHI organised a kickoff for The Call. The Call is all about innovation and increasing our impact by working together. During this kickoff we jointly decided what our focus will be. Have a look at the video to see what we are up to!