The Dutch Relief Alliance brings Dutch NGOs to the forefront of innovation for humanitarian action. Current approaches to innovation often fail to achieve impact at scale due to a lack of resources for research and development, the development of solutions in isolation and missed chances to share successes. To tackle these challenges, the Innovation Working Group within the DRA stimulates innovation and continuous learning across organizational structures through 1) setting up the DRA Innovation Fund and develop call for proposals for humanitarian innovation projects 2) mentor the granted innovation projects 3) stimulate local humanitarian innovation within the Joint Responses 4) disseminate all innovation learnings from the innovation projects and the Joint Responses within and outside the DRA

Innovation projects funded by DRA Innovation Fund

Tackling Barriers to Cash and Voucher Assistance

Communities in the Driver’s Seat

Build Your Own Buddy (BOB)

Engaging Faith Leaders and Communities in SGBV prevention

Seamless MHPSS Cross-Border Care



Incident Reporting App

Systematic Cost Analysis with Dioptra



The Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund (DIF) proudly presents its third Call for Proposals. The DIF 3 Local Call aims to promote humanitarian innovation as locally as possible. The Call process itself and the granted projects are expected to demonstrate opportunities and barriers to local humanitarian innovation, provide best practice/ learnings on how the sector, and actors such as the DRA, can overcome these barriers, and support local innovations that potentially lead to promising solutions to locally defined problems.

The DIF was established in 2018 and is supported by the Netherlands MFA. Its first Call for Proposals (CfP) was published in May 2018 resulting in five innovation projects, one of which was closed early 2020. The second CfP was published in 2019 with a thematic focus on Safety and Protection resulting in another five innovation proposals granted.

See for more info on the third call.