One of the key advantages of our members’ close collaboration is that we can accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions. Between 2018 and 2021, we specifically allocated funds to innovations within the smart use of data, cash programming, safety and security and renewable energy. Today, innovation – combined with lessons learned – has become an integral part of our approach. 

Check out the Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Update 2021 here.

various Innovation projects

TeamUp: Ready? Go!


Waste to Clean Energy…Closing the Loop

Youth Livelihoods and Conflict Transformation


Clean Energy Kiosks in Refugee Settlements

Sport for Peace

Tackling Barriers to Cash and Voucher Assistance

Communities in the Driver’s Seat

Build Your Own Buddy (BoB)

Engaging Faith Leaders and Communities in SGBV prevention

Seamless MHPSS Cross-Border Care


121 – (Upskilling and Upscaling) Cash and Voucher Assistance

Incident Reporting App

Dioptra for rapid and rigorous cost-efficiency analysis

Empowered2Protect – (Getting Set 2 Scale)