Beyond 2.0: Dutch Relief Alliance and the Grand Bargain Commitments

At the heart of the Dutch Relief Alliance lies the ambition to put the Grand Bargain commitments into practice.  In the run up to the Grand Bargain Annual meeting in Geneva, we published our yearly review on the current state of affairs in the alliance. How did we do this year? Read all about it in our publication: Beyond 2.0: Dutch Relief Alliance and the Grand Bargain Commitments.

Over the years, the Dutch Relief Alliance has delivered humanitarian aid to millions of people in more than 45 crises worldwide, working together with over 100 local organisations. The Dutch Relief Alliance sees itself as an ongoing, global ’testing ground’ for engagement with Grand Bargain and Core Humanitarian Standards commitments like localisation, multi-year funding and programming, accountability and community engagement. Some of our results:

The Dutch Relief Alliance is strongly committed to localising humanitarian
assistance. Three major achievements of the previous period:
• Increased funding to local actors: we have exceeded the Grand Bargain target of at least 25 per cent already before the end of 2021;
• 43 per cent (38 per cent PCJR/57 per cent ACJR) of the direct costs in our Joint Response budgets was allocated to local partners in 2022;
• The number of local partners in protracted Joint Responses increased from 41 in 2019 to 73 in 2021;
• We amplified local voices in international humanitarian settings. A Local Advisory Group, made up of representatives of local partners, is involved in the designing of the Joint Responses to ensure more locally-led responses. They also provide input into the Dutch Relief Alliance’s new strategy.

Find more numbers and the feedback of our partners in our publication Beyond 2.0.

Photo: Shop keeper Etsegenet from Ethiopia, Copyright Cordaid