Lead Organization: thinkIT’s CloudGreen
Partners: Fynixwave, Sparky Dryer
Duration: February 01, 2021 – December 31, 2021
Goal: The aim is to help women business owners transition to clean energy by improving access to markets through value addition with solar drying tools, cost efficient transport with e-bikes and digital market platforms to bring the market closer to the consumers.
Highlight: CloudGreen leverages the untapped potential of value addition for local markets, e-mobility, and a locally relevant digital market platform to address lack of incentives to transition to clean energy, and a constrained market access that exists for refugee women.

CloudGreen’s innovative platform addresses: Demand for affordable productive assets for settlement and urban women-led businesses; High-startup risks; Lack of incentives to transition to clean energy; Lack of market access. CloudGreen assists women to transition to clean energy through the use of productive assets (solar dryers via Sparky Dryer and e-bikes via CloudGreen) and financial services (Fynixwave) available to refugees and host community women. With CloudGreen’s ordering/ payment/ bike scheduling platforms (thinkIT CloudGreen), women in Kiryandongo and Kampala have access to ready markets to sell and transport agricultural products via e-bikes. Such clean energy tools and training help women to process, store and transport their products. Local CloudGreen hubs provide partnering mechanisms to improve access to clean energy for refugees/hosts by giving women tools to aid in value addition and connection to nearby Bweyale and larger (Kampala) markets.

CloudGreen connects women refugees in Kiryandongo and Kampala with CloudGreen’s ready markets currently in Kampala through mobile technologies (i.e., application and ussd). As market connections are being made, CloudGreen also delivers training to refugee and host community women to ensure they can add value to the produce, through solar drying (using Sparky Dryer), eco-friendly packaging as well as clean energy mobility solutions to deliver the produce to the final consumers. Ensuring improved livelihoods for the refugee women is key for us and we support women in this by delivering training on financial inclusion (Fynixwave) into information chunks that help women cultivate a savings culture as well as help create credit scores for their businesses.


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