Our new in-depth publication reveals how the DRA allows for effective, ongoing responses to humanitarian crises worldwide

Download the 2018 DRA Information Brochure

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is an Alliance of Dutch humanitarian NGOs funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (MoFA). The structure of the DRA allows for the rapid delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance.

The DRA was established in 2015 to meet the challenge of the increase in the number of humanitarian crises and the number of people affected by crises around the world. The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs worked to bring together leading Dutch NGOs to improve the effectiveness of the national humanitarian effort.

Over the past three years alone 33 Joint Responses have been launched to address humanitarian crises inside eighteen countries. The coming years will see the DRA members work together even more closely to develop programmes that ensure people are reached with rapid, effective humanitarian assistance.

A new publication outlines how this will be achieved – and how the DRA will take steps to bridge the current gaps in humanitarian funding. You can download our 2018 brochure at the links above and below this paragraph.

Download the 2018 DRA Information Brochure