DRA Sets Up Foundation to Boost Acute Crisis Responses

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) this week set up a new foundation – the ‘Stichting Beheer Subsidiegelden DRA’. The foundation will help streamline funding processes for acute crisis responses and more…

The Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) has set up a new foundation to improve the processes behind the allocation of funds to acute crisis responses and innovation projects. The ‘Stichting Beheer Subsidiegelden DRA’ means that the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs can now allocate funding for both responses to acute crises and innovation projects to the foundation, instead of dealing with separate applications per joint response.

“By launching the foundation, we will be able to speed up the starting time of financing our joint responses to acute crises”, says Nok van de Langenberg, Chair of the DRA.

Van de Langenberg: “In this way DRA is taking a new step forward in making sure aid organisations are able to respond to disasters in a timely and efficient manner.”

The foundation was prepared by the legal working group of the DRA and ensures Joint Responses will actually be able to allocate resources for a response within 72 hours.

Photo: DRA Foundation Alliance
The DRA Committee signs the foundation papers. From left to right: Melle Brinkman, Crisis Coordinator; Jaap Grijmans, notary; Nok van de Langenberg, Chair; and Annelies Claessens, Vice Chair.