Dutch Aid Organisations Combat Covid-19 Worldwide

With the support of the Dutch government, aid organizations of the Dutch Relief Alliance are combatting the spread of the coronavirus in vulnerable countries. In total there is 16 million euros available for aid in crisis areas in Africa and the Middle East which reaches 2.9 million people. The aid is aimed at preventing infections and mitigating the damage caused by lockdowns. 

Hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of the virus. In many countries, there is a shortage of water, soap and disinfectants. Aid organizations distribute these materials. Proper knowledge of how to use these materials is at least as important. That is why we inform people via radio and television about protection against the virus; we reach the most remote areas with vans with loudspeakers.

The consequences of the lockdowns for the economies and education are profound. In countries such as Syria and Yemen, the situation is already fragile, corona worsens that. Aid organisations, therefore, distribute food packages and provide cash support. We also help schools to set up online lessons.