Dutch Relief Alliance remains committed to supporting the affected population in Sudan

The ongoing violence across Sudan has a devastating impact on thousands of civilians, resulting in loss of life, widespread destruction of infrastructure, and forced internal and cross-border displacement. The organisations collaborating in the Dutch Relief Alliance Sudan Joint Response, who have been providing humanitarian assistance in the country since 2019, remain fully committed to supporting the crisis-affected population in Sudan.

While capacities of the alliance partners in Sudan have been impacted at various levels, with an initial temporary suspension of operations to ensure staff safety and security, the NGOs are making every attempt to continue assisting the affected population and respond to the escalating needs. Operations are resuming in areas where partners currently have presence, and partners aim to scale up and expand to other states.

Eiman Ibrahim, Plan International’s coordinator for the Sudan Joint Response, tells: “The ongoing violence has greatly impacted existing relief efforts and is preventing humanitarian assistance to millions of people in need. A life-saving approach will be at the heart of our operations, while also anticipating the immense need for support in livelihood activities for income generating.”

The continuing violence is exacerbating protection risks and psychosocial needs, adds Ibrahim. “Especially girls and young women experience increased risks during times of conflict and displacement”.

Sudan Joint Response

The worsening humanitarian situation comes at a time when 15.8 million people are already in need of assistance. The NGOs collaborating in the Sudan Joint Response have been assisting vulnerable Sudanese with life-saving interventions since 2019, including food security and livelihood support, protection services and mental health and psychosocial support’ support, the provision of access to quality education, WASH activities, and high-quality health care for women and gender-based violence survivors. The partnering organisations also contribute to community stabilisation and resilience building.

United in the Sudan Joint Response are: Plan International, SOS Kinderdorpen, ZOA, ASSIST, Friends of Peace & Development Organisation, CAFA, Vet-Care, SOS Sahel, National Humanitarian Aid (NAHA), ERRADA.