Goal: Responding to the needs of displaced people who fled from the violence in Port-au-Prince
Lead Organisation: Tearfund
Organisations: iNGOs: Cordaid, Plan, Save the Children, St. Vluchteling, Tearfund, World Vision. Local partners: Haiti Suvie (HS), Service Chrétien d’Haïti (SCH), Centre d’Animation Paysanne et d’Action Communautaire (CAPAC), Ligue Alternative pour la Promotion des Droits des Enfants des Filles et des Femmes (LAPDEFF), Organisation des Coeurs pour le Changement des enfants Demunis d’Haiti (OCCED’H), Fondation Progrès et Développement (PRODEV), Fondation pour la Santé Reproductive et l’Education Familiale (FOSREF), Fondation Voix des Communautés de Base (FVCB), Fondasyon Chanje Lavi (FCL), Fondasyon Kominote Kretyen an Aksyon (FOKA)
Duration: April 29, 2024 –
October 28, 2024
Six Dutch Relief Alliance partners are joining forces to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. The country has been dealing with violent clashes between armed gangs and the National Police for years. The economy’s distress exacerbates despair among families struggling for basic necessities, leading to a surge in suicidal tendencies, particularly among displaced populations. Recently, these have escalated further, especially in and around the capital Port-au-Prince. The crisis has reached alarming levels, with unprecedented violence, food insecurity, and multiple displacements. Over 360,000 people are displaced nationwide, with urgent needs including food, healthcare, water, psychological support, and hygiene facilities.

Type of response:

The Joint Response

Tearfund, Cordaid, Plan, Save the Children, Stichting Vluchteling and World Vision will provide relief to displaced people from Port-au-Prince who fled from their houses.

The activities carried out under this Joint Response are the following:

  • Water, sanitation and hygiene: this include Hygiene promotion & awareness, water supply and distributions of hygiene and dignity kits and will reach 43.745 people.
  • Multipurpose cash assistance: 11.099 people will be supported to be able to purchase food, housing or expenses for other primary necessities of life
  • Protection: awareness sessions that focus on people’s rights regarding assistance, risk for gender based violence, acquiring skills and strategies to protect themselves and/or family members. 29.478 people will be reached.
  • Health: this will support 7 static health facilities and 3 mobile clinics to provide free healthcare services to the most vulnerable populations in Port-au-Prince areas controlled by gangs and prone to violence and displacement. Medical consultations focus on (pregnant) women and children. In total 11.148 people will be reached with health services.
  • Education: in Port-au-Prince 18 community learning spaces will be set up, serving 540 children. These spaces ensure continued learning, provide safe environments and offer daily meals.

The Joint Response that started on the 29th of April and will last six months, is planning to reach 45.529 people during this period.


Contact lead organisation Tearfund
Gerard van de Pol
E: gvandepol@tearfund.nl