Goal: The Dutch Relief Alliance is offering emergency aid, such as clean drinking water, primary health services, MHPSS, shelter, and food for victims and refugees of the conflict in Ukraine.
Lead Organisation: Dorcas
Organisations: Cordaid, Save the Children
Duration: March 1, 2022 –
September 1, 2022
The Dutch Relief Alliance is offering emergency aid, which consists of offering basic necessities such as clean drinking water, primary health services and psychosocial support, food assistance, and shelter for those displaced by the conflict. The Joint Response aims to provide nearly 25.000 affected people with life-saving goods and services.

Type of response:

Since the start of the conflict in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainians have been affected by the surge in violence and the deterioration of essential services and infrastructure. By some estimates, more than 2 million people have fled Ukraine into neighboring countries. The UN expects that millions more will be displaced from their homes by the conflict.

Due to ongoing shelling, airstrikes and violence, many Ukrainians remain in their homes, unable to evacuate to safer regions. As a result, many people are cut off from access to food, clean drinking water, electricity, and essential health services.

The continuing violence also leads to stress and trauma among victims and displaced people. Many are cut off from basic support systems, deepening the mental health impact of the conflict.

The DRA will focus its Joint Response on the following areas of work:

  • WASH: The JR will ensure access to safe and sufficient water for 10.900 people. Access will be strengthened where water systems have been damaged, and DRA will promote basic hygiene and provision of soaps and hygiene packs.
  • Food security: The JR will provide 6.195 people with access to food. This includes the provision of packets of food to IDPs and those who have remained in their homes.
  • Shelter: The JR will provide non-food items such as blankets, mattresses, and cooking supplies for temporary shelters for IDPs in Ukraine. These shelters will be accessible for more than 11.500 people.
  • Protection: The protection intervention will integrate a mental health and psychosocial support response, with additional focus on protection from gender-related violence for those affected by the conflict, aiming to serve more than 10.000 people.
  • Cash assistance: The JR will, where possible, provide multi-purpose cash to nearly 900 victims of the conflict and will focus on providing unconditional and unrestricted cash for livelihood, shelter and NFIs following cluster guidelines, including post distribution monitoring.


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