B-READY Activated in The Philippines

Cyclone Rai in the Philippines is currently intensifying into a severe tropical storm with gusts of up to 115 km per hour. The storm is expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon or evening and could have a major impact on the more than 11 million people living in that area. Plan International, Oxfam Novib and Global Parametric have set up the B-READY project, funded by the Dutch Relief Alliance Innovation Fund. A thousand households in the risk area will receive a financial grant today that they can use to prepare for the cyclone.

Natural disasters are unfortunately unavoidable, but why wait with help until the disaster happens? With warning systems and timely measures, we can limit the negative consequences of natural disasters. B-READY protects households against natural disasters by increasing their resilience and coping with the consequences of these disasters.

A warning system is being developed with digital models (using satellite data) to predict cyclones or droughts, for example. If the system issues a warning signal, a financial allowance is automatically transferred to selected households in the risk area. Families can use this money in a way that suits them. Whether that is evacuation, strengthening their home or protecting their crops or livestock, for example.

Jonas Cabacaba, Fisherman in Barangay Butig, Philippines: “B-READY gives us hope that when a cyclone approaches, help is available before disaster strikes. … If we want to use the money to buy nets, paint or anything else for the boat, we can do that right away, or we choose to use it for our children’s school needs.”