DRA Publishes Strategy 2022-2026

With our strategy for 2022-2026, the Dutch Relief Alliance (DRA) is moving towards further localization and triple-nexus work while keeping our humanitarian mandate at our core. We aim to become a leading example for humanitarian reform. We will showcase the added value of our approach to humanitarian action in our communication and advocacy.

Since its establishment in 2015, the DRA has evolved into a global testing ground on operationalizing Grand Bargain and Core Humanitarian Standards commitments such as localization, multi-year funding and programming, accountability and community engagement. As humanitarian needs continue to grow more chronic and complex in nature, further impacted by the health and non-health related shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the humanitarian system is not keeping pace. Change is happening, but not fast enough.

We are generating evidence on how to achieve results by doing things differently. Examples include the Joint Response Mechanism, a unique model for needs-based, agile responses to both acute and protracted crises, co-created and implemented by DRA members and local partners.

The DRA consists of 14 Dutch double-mandated NGOs which collaborate closely – in partnership with amongst others the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs – to respond in a timely, effective and efficient manner to the most serious and complex crises. Our strategy for 2022-26 is based on collaboration among our diverse members with complementary strengths, and a commitment to continuously learn, evolve and improve.

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