Dutch Relief Alliance responds to earthquake crisis in Syria

The Dutch Relief Alliance has initiated an acute response to the severe crisis in Syria due to the earthquakes of February 6. Alliance members are working alongside local partner organisations to provide immediate humanitarian relief to people in need in the affected areas of Ar-raqqah, Aleppo, Hama, Idlib, Latakia and the Tartus governorates.

The death toll from the earthquakes has risen to over 11.000 and left many people wounded and homeless, in need of immediate healthcare, shelter and food. Dutch Relief Alliance members and local partner organisations will respond in the country for the next 6 months to meet the most urgent needs of the people affected by the earthquake.

The Dutch Relief Alliance is able to respond immediately to acute crises due to the long-standing partnership with and funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Earlier this week the Dutch Relief Alliance adapted its current joint responses in Syria to be able to provide life-saving assistance immediately. This Acute Response is an addition.

For more information on this Acute Joint Response, click here.


Photo: Plan International