Dutch Relief Alliance starts Acute Crisis Joint Response in Libya

Dutch Relief Alliance partners Stichting Vluchteling, CARE Nederland, Cordaid, and Terre des Hommes join hands and respond to the humanitarian needs that are rapidly worsening since storm Daniel hit eastern Libya. This Acute Joint Response starts 17 September and will last six months. Life saving activities are being implemented in the east of Libya and include Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Health, Emergency Food Security & Livelihoods, Shelter & Non Food Items, Protection and Multipurpose Cash Assistance.

On September 10th, Storm Daniel made landfall in Libya causing severe weather conditions, including strong winds and sudden heavy rainfall affecting several north-eastern areas of Libya. The storm reportedly led to significant infrastructure damage, including road network, disrupted the telecommunications network, and caused the displacement of over ten thousand people. Entire neighbourhoods in Derna disappeared, along with their residents, swept away by water after the two aging dam structures collapsed, creating a catastrophic situation of which the sheer magnitude is still not fully clear.  More than 5.500 people reportedly have lost their lives with an estimated 20,000 people missing. 35,000 have been displaced in the affected areas. The relief effort will focus on the towns of Bersis, Bujarrar, Tolmeita, Albayyadah, Albaya, Shahat and Derna.