Incident Reporting App

Lead Organization: ZOA
Partners: ZOA
Duration: December 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019
Goal: In order to improve the incident reporting procedure, ZOA developed the user-friendly ‘Incident Reporting App’, which gathers and provides security incident information and aggregates data for insightful views on the security status at ZOA. Information is confidentially entered and stored, at the same time it provides the relevant actors in headquarters the coverage needed to assess security situations.
Highlight: ZOA is now using this app globally as their tool in gathering incident reports and has also archived backlog information in this system. The app allows staff to report incidents when travelling, runs on Android and iOS software, and allows for reporting in multiple languages.

About the project

In order to simplify and improve the incident reporting procedure within ZOA, the organisation aimed to develop a user-friendly application, which efficiently gathers and provides crucial security information. The project entailed a product/process innovation; it initially started out in the Recognition/Invention/Development phase of an innovation journey but as it progressed, the Piloting and Diffusion phases came into scope.

As a result of this project, ZOA is now using the “Incident Reporting App” globally as their new tool in gathering incident reports and have also archived backlog information in this system. The “Incident Reporting App” for mobile and laptop allows staff to report incidents when travelling to project locations and runs on both Android and iOS software systems. Based on a survey undertaken among DRA Partners, it was decided that the App should be created in such a way that it would be available for organisations that use Office 365 as this was the main software used.

Learning Questions

  • How does the App really improve the Incident Reporting?
  • How have we been able to involve other NGOs in the process, without being slowed down too much?
  • How have we utilize existing knowledge and tools from other organization/the market?
  • How have we ensured the right selection of platform and technology?
  • What lessons have we learned from the Proof of Concept that will ensure a better Beta version?
  • How have we ensured that the App can be easily deployed by other organizations too?


Contact lead organization ZOA
Julio Garcia-Martinez