Somalia: Delivering Aid During COVID-19

The partners of the Dutch Relief Alliance are giving extra support to people in need in relation to COVID-19. In Somalia for example, we distribute hygiene kits, install hand washing stations, and raise awareness on COVID-19 through public campaigns. A story in pictures.   

Local partner KAALO conducted a public health promotion training for PHP volunteers in Bosasso and Jariiban (Puntland); staff and volunteers then led activities in the Bosasso and Jariiban IDP camps. The training was based on WHO information and guidelines.

In Bosasso IDP camps local partner KAALO distributed hygiene kits. KAALO also installed handwashing stations, where staff and volunteers were stationed to lead public health promotion and awareness raising on COVID-19.

Several promotional activities have been carried out to raise awareness on COVID-19, for example to promote the toll-free COVID-19 helpline. This helpline – run by local partner Shaqodoon – have registered more than 1,1 million calls since mid-April. Cars mounted with loudspeakers are also used to raise awareness. Local partner Havoyoco promotes public health through house to house visits.

New arrivals to Qalax IDP camp in Somaliland from other camps have significantly increased beneficiary numbers in an area where there is hardly any access to basic services, water and sanitation. World Vision and SOS work here in collaboration to support people in need. During COVID-19, World Vision has increased water trucking activities to Qalax, ensuring that more than 660 households can get water on a daily basis (original target was 120 households).

Temperature checks conducted by health workers at the Ethiopia-Somaliland border crossing in Wajale.