Goal: The key objective of the Acute COVID Joint Response is to provide lifesaving activities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan.
Lead Organisation: Save the Children
Organisations: CARE Nederland, Stichting Red een Kind, Cordaid, World Vision, Tearfund Nederland
Duration: September 5, 2020 –
June 4, 2021
The COVID-19 outbreak in South Sudan comes against the backdrop of an already dire humanitarian situation: with the arrival of COVID-19, the humanitarian context and needs in South Sudan have changed significantly, increasing protection and human rights concerns specifically.

Type of response:

The response is implemented by 6 DRA members and 8 local partners, namely UNIDOR, South Sudan Youth Fight against C-19, CASS, ACROSS, CEF, HFO, CEDS and TOCH. The project is implemented in 4 locations across South Sudan (Aweil East, Tonj North, Juba and Rubkona), and focuses on:

  • Food Security and Livelihoods: households vulnerable to COVID-19 are supported with distributions of vegetable seeds and farming and fishing tools, including trainings; small grants to support start of local economic activities, and restricted cash assistance and food vouchers.
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH): setting up hand washing facilities with soap in public congested places, schools and health facilities; provision of hygiene kits; support the repair, rehabilitation and installation of boreholes. Various community outreach activities will be organized and COVID-19 related prevention health messages will be circulated via door to door awareness campaigns, radio talkshow slots, display of IEC materials, (motor-mounted) megaphones and provision of digital audio players (DAP).
  • Health: Health Facilities will be supported with COVID19 triage and isolation stations, systems for the collection and disposal of contaminated medical waste, and Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) supplies such as boots, heavy duty gloves, cleaning kits. Training will be provided for Community Health Workers and staff from health facilities on transmission and prevention of COVID-19.
  • Protection: Awareness raising on GBV prevention, mitigation and response during COVID-19. Women and girls friendly spaces and Children Friendly Spaces will be supported where psychosocial support and case management services and lifeskills activities for women and girls are provided. Community and church leaders will be trained on psychosocial support, GBV, mental health and COVID messages, in order to counter stigma, rumors and misinformation.

The COVID joint response plans to reach a total of 197.470 beneficiaries with the integrated response.


Contact lead organisation Save the Children
Anne Nieuwenhuis
T: +31 (0)70 338 44 48