Goal: Responding to acute humanitarian needs among the most vulnerable individuals displaced or severely affected by the ongoing armed conflict in Sudan
Lead Organisation: Plan International
Organisations: Plan International, Tearfund, Stichting Vluchteling, World Vision, ZOA, Save the Children, ASSIST, FPDO, RAISE, CAFA, HOPE, AAO, SOS Sahel and CDF
Duration: June 13, 2023 –
December 13, 2023
The organisations united in the Sudan Acute Crisis Joint Response are responding to the humanitarian needs that are rapidly worsening since the violent outburst in April 2023. The recent surge in violence threatens to deepen the humanitarian crisis as the population was already struggling with poverty, hunger, and inequality. Life-saving activities are being implemented in the districts White Nile, Al Jazirah, Blue Nile, North and East Darfur and include protection services, WASH, acute food assistance, and cash support, specifically targeting those most vulnerable, including children, girls, and women.

Type of response:


Sudan is facing an unprecedented crisis. The sudden outbreak of armed conflict has proven to be disastrous in a country already facing a major humanitarian crisis. Over 24 million people now need urgent humanitarian assistance, both in areas facing humanitarian crises for many years and in areas that until recently were less affected. Millions of people have been displaced, forced to leave their homes, with many more facing hunger and the threat of disease. Fleeing populations of women, children, and families urgently need shelter, protection, food, water, medical care, and psychosocial support. Girls, young women, and unaccompanied children in particular face major protection risks and require direct assistance.

The Joint Response

The organisations united by the Dutch Relief Alliance and its Sudanese partners are responding through a multisectoral intervention that aims to provide immediate relief to the most acute needs. The intervention focuses in particular on protection services required to ensure the populations’ safety from violence and abuse as well as food assistance, water and sanitation, and direct cash support.

The activities carried out under this Joint Response include:

Protection services: providing psychosocial support, dedicated case management, facilitating referrals for gender-based violence prevention and response services, distribution of dignity kits to girls and women, and awareness raising on child recruitment.

WASH: providing access to soap, sufficient and safe water, and clean sanitary facilities, as well as awareness-raising activities on hygiene.

Health: supporting the rehabilitation of selected health facilities, including primary health care consultations, and supporting community-based treatment for malaria, diarrhea, and other acute infections.

Food security and livelihood: contributing to food access, via food distribution and by establishing communal kitchens.

Shelter: provision of basic, safe, and dignified shelter solutions, while also equipping households with non-food items.

Cash assistance: distributing cash transfers to households ensuring freedom, dignity, and choice to decide on their recovery.


Contact lead organisation Plan International
Graciela van der Poel (Netherlands) & Eiman Ibrahim (Sudan)