Stories of Change: Art Tackles Hunger and Conflict

The Hague set to host the work of artists from Nigeria and South Sudan in a major new exhibition this September. Find out more…

The Hague – Stories of Change. The Stories of Change campaign will see three graffiti artists from Nigeria and South Sudan create new works over the course of four days in the centre of Dutch seat of government The Hague. The works will be displayed opposite the city’s central railway station.

Osa Seven from Nigeria and Abul Deng and James Aguer from South Sudanese art collective AnaTaban (‘I am Tired’) are inspired by stories from their communities. Their artworks highlight the resilience of these communities and people’s hopes for a better future.

These works form part of an enduring tradition – street art and murals have long been symbols of freedom in both Nigeria and South Sudan.

Stories of Change is an initiative of the Dutch Relief Alliance – a coalition of 16 Dutch NGOs supported by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The creation of the artworks begins on Monday September 10 and concludes on Thursday September 13.

The artworks will be displayed in the Malieveld park opposite The Hague Central Station (on Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov). This prominent location will ensure thousands of people can take part in the project and view Nigeria and South Sudan through the perspectives of the artists.

About the Artists

Osa Seven is one of Nigeria’s most famous artists, whose works are frequently compared with those of UK art activist Banksy. His work can be seen on the streets of Nigeria and beyond.

The artists of AnaTaban primarily work in the South Sudanese capital Juba. The collective utilises graffiti, music, theatre and poetry to convey their messages – and in The Hague they will produce a large-scale mural.

These works will serve to draw attention to the current situation inside Nigeria and South Sudan. Recent years have seen millions of people flee both countries to escape violent conflict, drought and food shortages. The DRA is active in both countries, meeting the urgent humanitarian needs of more than 2.5 million people. DRA responses have helped to provide populations with food, shelter, healthcare and treatment to combat malnutrition.

Dutch Relief Alliance 

The Dutch Relief Alliance was established in 2014 to provide rapid and effective emergency aid to victims of international humanitarian crises. The DRA has sixteen members and operates in fifteen countries, including South Sudan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. The DRA cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which also provides the financing. Each organization brings in its own emergency assistance expertise, so that partners complement each other.

When: September 10 to 13 inclusive
Where: Laan van Reagan en Gorbatsjov (opposite The Hague Central railway station)
Press contact (interviews / information):
Rik Goverde, 06 4080 9709 or rik.goverde[@]